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September 16-20


We survived the full moon, Friday the 13th and Rodeo Day! Thank you for all your help in making it a fun day for all!

Just a heads up that Holly will be visiting the campus on 17th from 12:30-1:45. She may want to visit some classrooms :0)

I had a good question about the vests for fire drills-someone asked how would you know if was a real fire and that you needed to but the vest on. The answer is listen for the fire trucks. If you hear sirens, put on the vest.

Color Printing in the Science Lab- Please remember not to print class sets of handouts or black and white on the color printer. There are several colored printouts in the workroom that have not been claimed from the colored printers.

Important Dates

September 16

Visitors will be on campus to observe our AA classes

Day 1

September 17

Holly Hughes on campus

Bahama Buck's Spirit Night

Day 2

September 18

Collaboration 3:30-4:30(everyone is expected to be on campus during this time)

Watch Dog Kick-off-6:30

Day 3

September 19

Christina out a.m.

PTA General Meeting/Safety presentation

Day 4

September 20

Volunteer/Room Mom meeting 9:-00 a.m.

Progress Reports go home

PTA Birthday Celebration



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Special Shout out this week to...

Those that invited us into their classrooms to see you try something new or highly engaging to your students-- Reid, Arbelaez, Younger, McKinney, Krakowiak, Epps

Lynda Younger- Documenting RTI Interventions throughout the year last year so a student's new campus can now move forward with concerns that began in kinder.

Jennifer Epps- Who has taken character to a new level in her Its Learning Course!

Nurse Burke- Her screening process is amazing and ran so smoothly this week!

Isis Rubido, Cherise Thompson, and Nichole Mihut for unpacking all of our new ELA materials that arrived Thursday night!

Our rainy day arrival crew-- Eberle, Poche, Akanwa, Garon, Kimbley, Woodson, O'Neal, Goodsell, Ragghianti! Thank you for unloading cars Wednesday morning!

Revised Duty Schedule- Begins Monday 9/16

In an effort to support morning arrival in the front and back of the building additional support has been added to some areas. Please review the schedule which will begin Monday. Thank you for your flexibility as we work to keep students safe.

Teacher Self Report for LEADS due 9/27

T-TESS Goal Setting and Professional Development form due October 4

Example of Goals for T-TESS or LEADS

Click on the link below for directions on how to access Teacher Self Report and T-TESS forms

Character Corner

Word of the Month-Respect

Morning Announcements-Pledge Helpers-Sutula

Character Shout-outs

Character shout-outs are a way to recognize our students that are showing good character. You were given 5 shout-outs to start with. We have more available by the mailboxes. These are used to recognize a student who was modeling any of the core values or PurposeFULL People character traits. After they are filled out, you may want to take a moment to share it with the class right then or save it until the next day's morning meeting. Once you have shared it with your class, the student can take it to the library and place in the grade level basket on the shelves by the door closest to the Daro garden. We will draw several shout outs each week and read them during morning announcements. At the Character Rally, we will take all the shout outs and draw a set amount and share with the school and those students will get to do a special service project with Yesenia. The purpose is to allow all students to be able to be recognized all year long for showing great character. This will hopefully provide an example for students and inspire them live out the core values!

Purposefull People

In the PurposeFULL People, you will find games in the Respect section. Reward your students with time to play one of those games.

Play Along At Recess

To celebrate the traditions in other countries, your students will be trying some new games at recess. This week’s Dare involves playing along. Be the teacher that hides first in the Sardines challenge. Be the blind hen in the traditional Mexican game. Be the police or the thief in the Japanese classic. Just let your inner child run wild and celebrate playtime with them.

Toughness: 3
Time: 2
Type: Individual

Relationships Count! What students will you try 2x10 with for the next two weeks?

Definition of Engagement

In education, student engagement refers to the degree of attention, curiosity, interest, optimism, and passion that students show when they are learning or being taught, which extends to the level of motivation they have to learn and progress in their education
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Dismissal Schedule

Fall Staff Parr Bucks

Great examples of how to greet students at the door