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South Central Jr-Sr High School Weekly Update 12/11/15

Final Exam Week!!!

This week is finals week! It's hard to believe that the semester is already coming to an end. The final exam schedule was sent out to everyone a couple weeks ago, and will be redistributed Monday in case you need it again. Please make sure you are sharing the schedule with students so that they are all familiar with the way the days will be scheduled next week.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are all designated "final" days. On each of these days, we will follow a modified schedule that allows 75 minutes for testing in no more than three classes per day. Please note that 5th hour finals are split to accommodate the lunch period. My recommendation for handling this is to literally split your final into two parts, so that students do not see the whole final exam the first day.

SST is scheduled into each day to allow students the opportunity to get help from teachers as they are preparing for exams. Please make sure you are sending students out of your SST class to see a teacher ONLY if they need help preparing for the exam or finishing up a final project or assignment. It is important that students who need the help are able to access their teachers during SST time.

Classes that meet that are not testing are shortened periods to accommodate the longer test periods. You may use your discretion in planning for these classes. Please keep in mind that many students will have several intense tests each of those days, so it is acceptable to plan "downtime" for students in-between the testing periods to give them a break.

PLC time on Wednesday is designated as additional plan time since your plan period may be shortened over the course of the three days. If you have any questions about this schedule, please let me know!

Secret Santa

If you participated in Secret Santa, we will meet at 3:00 on Friday, Dec. 18 in the media center, to do our final gift exchange!!!

This Week's Commitee Meetings

This week, the following committees are meeting:

  • Faculty Meeting, Tuesday 3pm (plan to stay for about 30 minutes)
  • Technology, Wednesday 3pm (Curt Masson, Jarad Miller)

If you have concerns that should be discussed through these committees, please seek out one of the committee members and share it with them so that they can bring it up at the meeting!

Building Project Update

On Monday, they will be pouring the concrete for the new gym floor in the old pool area. This work will begin in the morning and continue all day until they are finished.

The pumper truck will be on the sidewalk outside the southeast doors, and the concrete trucks will pull up along the sidewalk and dump into the pumper truck. The two buses that normally park at the far south end will be moved to the north side of the drive. There will be room to get around the concrete truck for anyone who parks in the front.

As a reminder, work in the office areas will begin over Christmas break. This should not affect us much on the high school side right now, with the exception of the loss of the conference room. Access between the office areas and the corporation office will still be possible through the hallway by the nurse's office.

Something to Make you SMILE!!! :)

Next week is Deb Allen's last week filling in for Becky Galloway. It was great to have Deb back and we will definitely miss seeing her everyday. Thanks Deb!

Have A Suggestion?

Do you ever come up with an idea, but you're not sure if it's any good? Have you had an idea about a way something could be improved, but you're not sure how to suggest it? I have created an online ANONYMOUS suggestion box for anyone to use to make a suggestion, offer an idea, or voice a concern.

Use this link to submit your idea:

Please note that all suggestions will be read and considered, but circumstances may prevent implementation of some ideas.