Sacagawea: the Interpreter

by Alex Chavez, Collin Wheller, and Arianna Gonzales

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The heritage of Sacagawea

Daughter of the Shoshone chief, was born circa 1788 in Lemhi County, Idaho and she in western rocky mountain and she had to work for food for the Shoshone people.

Her early life

At about age 12 she was captured by hidatsa tribe and was named Sacagawea. he took her to north Dakota to work. When she came to an certain age she was sold to a French- Canadian trapper, Toussaint Charbonneau and made her his wife. (Even though he already had a wife and children)

Her Adult Life

She had kids, a boy and a girl. Her boys name was Jean Baptiste Charbonneau and her girls name was Lizette Charbonneau but we know Jean was with Sacagawea when she went with Lewis and Clark. Once they reached st. Louis, she,Toussaint and her kids decided to stay in st. Louis. Clark sold some land to Charbonneau along the Missouri river and became farmers.On December 20,1812 it is to be believed that she died of a fever at about age 25. But her tribe claims that she traveled back to her tribe and died years later in 1884.

Fun facts

  • Sacagaweas name really isn't sacagawea, it is found to believe that her real name was HeToe or Huichu. That name (Sacagawea) was given to her when she got captured.
  • HeToe means "little Bird"
  • Sacagawea means "Bird Woman"
  • She was a very brave woman
  • On the expedition she founded her long lost brother
  • When she was on the trip they had to eat candles until the weather was bearable
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