My research is about the Roman Empire. My first topic is about Rome, the City of the Seven Hills. Next, I studied the Kings of Early Rome. Lastly, I learned about the Roman Empire. These topics helped me learn more about the Roman Empire. I hope you can learn something new about the Roman Empire too.

Rome,The City of the seven Hills

This paragraph is about Rome, the City of the Seven Hills. On the west coast there is a river called Tiber. South of the river is a plain called Latium in the ancient time when poeple lived on it. Some poeple shepherds or farmers. Some poeple even moved from Central Europe.They built a village to trade with the wealthy poeple.

The King of Early Rome

This paragraph is about The Kings of Early Rome. Most of the Kings were mixed in fables and myths. There were only to existing works that gave Rome it's history. All tho neither of the works were completed. Tullus was one of the kings that got killed by lightning when messing with weather.

The Roman Empire

This paragraph is about The Roman Empire. The death of Empire Tiberius began a big war. Politicians and generals faught for more power. military could bring more wealthy and glory to people. Then Gaius Marius got elected for consul seven time. Then he became a hero to people. Gaius also belonged to a group well known to people.


I hope you liked my flyer. I liked doing the research on The Roman Empire. I learned so much more about The Roman Empire. Some day I would like to visit Rome. Thank you for taking time to read this flyer and some day you might wont to go to Rome too.


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