Tech Ed Update

8th Grade

Kinetic Sculptures

Students have completed their kinetic sculptures with Mrs. Murphy's art class.

Lego Prototypes

Work in Progress

Final Products


Recently Added Grades:

  • Prototype - Grade based on their group's working Lego prototype.
  • Proposal Component - Students create a PowerPoint slide to share the information for their individual job for the kinetic sculpture project.
  • Proposal Presentation - Students were graded based on the presentation of their job information.

Upcoming Grades:

  • Kinetic Sculpture Project Grade
  • Kinetic Sculpture Final Presentation
  • Auto CAD Project
  • Auto CAD Vocabulary Quiz (Wed. Dec. 9th)

Important Dates

Dec. 7th, 9th,10th, and 11th - Early Morning help

Dec. 9th - Auto CAD Quiz

Dec. 11th - Final Exam, last day for make up/late work, and Auto CAD Project Due

Dec. 14th - No Early Morning Help

Dec. 15th & 16th - SPG Post Test

Dec. 17th & Dec. 18th - Final Presentations for Kinetic Sculpture Project

Dec. 18th - Last day of school before winter break.

Emily Dent

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