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Adding Attachments - Updated - 5/21/13

So many times we want to add attachments to our emails and there used to be a fabulous Attach button that was labeled.........Outlook doesn't have that, rather they use those pesky symbols that we are all supposed to instantly know what they are. So for those of you that struggle with remembering, think of an attachment like you are paper clipping (attaching) several papers together to turn into the office.

Outlook, just like with images, does not like the Drag and Drop option for attaching files.

To add an attachment, start your email by clicking New.

Write your email, etc. When you are ready to attach, click the paperclip at the top of the screen near where you press Send.

Attaching in Different Browsers

Originally when I wrote this post the attachment worked the same way in all three browsers. Now I'm finding it varies by browser and by version of that browser.

I'm going to show the two main ways to upload attachments, hopefully this will cover whatever browser you are using at the time.

Option 1

When you click the Paper Clip (Attach) button, An Open file window will appear, locate the file you want to attach on your computer. Click Open to Attach the file to your email message.

As a side note, I like the three column view when I choose my files because it affords me the opportunity to click once on the file and see a small preview of the file I'm looking for. This is great when you have several files with similar names.

Option 2

When you click the Paper Clip (Attach) button, an Attach file window will appear, click Browse to locate the file you want to attach on your computer. Click Open.
You will be brought back to the Attach File Window and your file location will now be listed to the left of browse. Click Attach to attach the file to your email message.

Adding Multiple Attachments

If you used Option 1, then you can do them one at a time like mentioned above just keep going back to the paperclip and attaching more files.


You can click the paperclip and use your Shift/Command Keys to select multiple emails to attach before pressing Open. Click first email message then hold Shift key down and click last email message in a series and all messages in between will be selected. If you hold the Command key down while clicking you can select multiple messages not necessarily in a series to attach. When you select multiple files the previews don't show though.
If you used Option 2, when you are in the Attach Files window, click on Choose more Files under Browse. Select the next file you want to attach. Don't forget to click attach when you are done. It appears that it will only let you attach 3 files at a time. If you want to attach more than three files you will have to attach them 3 at a time.

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