Reading Effective & Efficiently

Have you ever read text and could not grasp the main points? After finishing a book were you left with the questions, Who? What? Why?

By following the tips below reading difficult material can become less challenging


Remove all distractions. Concentration is difficult while you are listening to the radio, watching TV and posting on Facebook


Invest in a dictionary to look up unfamiliar words. You are never to old to build your vocabulary. When you are not familiar with the words it makes it diffcult for you to grasp the point the author is trying to make


By writing notes in your own words it helps you to think about the ideas that are presented in the text. By taking notes it will help you to retain and learn what you have read, it will help you caputre the main points.

Reading Comprehension Strategies

Check out this video additional tips on reading effective and efficiently
Reading Comprehension Strategies : Tips on Reading Comprehension

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