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Monday, April 11th, Day 3

Attention Staff

4/5/PE Breakfast is on April 22

RSVP by this Friday

The UP K-2 library will be CLOSED Wednesday until 9 :00 am

A reminder that next week is Career Week! Our theme this year is “Cheer for Careers”. Here are some important dates to remember:

Monday April 18th: Inspire Through Attire
Wear your favorite college gear (either your alma mater or a college your have a connection with) and in the work you do with kids make a connection to the importance of college!

Friday April 21st: Career Spot Light
Dress up as a different job and let’s show all the cool, exciting, important jobs there are in the Wonderful World of Work!

If you would like to purchase any CPES Apparel, please complete the goldenrod form, which was placed in your mailbox, with check payable CPES, and put it in the envelope on Dawn’s desk in the main office! Extra copies of the form are also found there!

Both Health offices are in need of gently used sweatpants/wind pants/leggings for boys and girls. Thanks

Please join us for Katie Mancuso's Baby Shower this Friday at 3:30 pm in Primary Faculty Lounge. RSVP to Shauna Karley. For group card and gift contribution, see Grace in the 2/3 office.


4/12-4/15-Grades 3-5 NYS Testing-Math

4/8-8:00 am Grade Level Leaders-room 463

5/12-3rd Grade Music Assembly

4/14-8:00 am Grade Level Meetings (Grade Level Leaders room)


4/12-Angelo/Cooke-Save-A-Lot/Dollar General

4/20-Fikes/Annesi/Thompson-Cummings Nature Center-9am-2pm

4/21-Austin/Ieda/Lawrence-Cummings Nature Center-9am-2pm

4/22-Belles/Tyler/Young-Cummings Nature Center-9am-2pm

4/26-Angelo/Cooke-Save-A-Lot/Dollar General

4/27-Carson/O'Reilly-Cummings Nature Center-9am-2pm

4/28-Appleby/Clark-Cummings Nature Center-9am-2pm

4/29-Daley-Cummings Nature Center-9am-2pm

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April Birthdays

4/14-Lynn Coleates

4/20-Tina Beyea

4/24-Daina Marsh

4/24-David Fronczak

4/26-Jill Clingersmith

4/30-Julie Lawrence

Dream Big. Work Hard. Create. Play Fair. Make a Difference.



Beaudin, Katie/ Heather Power

Bills, Stacy/ Kimmie Owens

Buck, Debbie/ Bonnie Passero

Fikes, Mindy/ Molly Rositano

Fitzgerald, Laurie/ Kristin Galens

Johnson, Jen/ Rebecca Hudson

Moore, Joyce/ Todd Kester

Mull, Josh/ pm/ Danielle Greer

Piper, Stephanie/ am/ Danielle Greer

Roskrans, Karen/ no sub

Stoughton, Ashley/ no sub

Taylor, Betsy/ Chris Suffredini

Trowbridge, Signa/ Kathryn Schilstra

Enrollment Changes

New Student:

4/4-Evan Hartwell-3rd Grade-Mrs. Belles

4/4-Molly Saxby-UPK-Mrs. Natale

4/4-Carmine Cafiero-4th Grade-Mr. Hawkins

4/5-Peyton Jones-K-Mrs. Trumbull

4/6-William Devlin-1st Grade-Miss Kuchman

Leaving the District:

4/4-Quinton Vagg-5th Grade-Mrs. Adams

4/7-Leah Thompson-1st Grade-Mrs. Santoro

Returning to the District:

4/4-Morgan Saxby-Mrs. Tyler

Moving Classrooms

4/4-Ben Zimmerman-Mrs. Green-2nd Grade

4/4-Paul Spruilli-Mrs. Smith-2nd Grade