The Tropicle Rain Forest

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David Williams' Rainforest Song




Tree and plant life in the jungle - David Attenborough - BBC wildlife
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The trees in the rainforest have to adapt .Some of the ways they adapt is big thick broad leaves to capture the maximum amount of sunlight for photosynthesis. They have shallow roots. There bark is also smooth and is made to were they are set to all kinds of weather conditions.


Photosyntheisis is the process is where plants make food and a suger called glucose.
Photosynthesis Rap
The Photosynthesis Song- A Taylor Swift Parody

The Venus Flytraps adaptions.

The Venus Flytrap is one of nature's more mysterious plants. Unlike other plants that take their nutrients from the sun and the soil, the Venus Flytrap has adapted to get nutrients from insects. In effect, the plants "eat bugs" despite the fact that they have no muscular system. The plant has developed many specialized adaptations that help it gain nutrients from insects. Some of the Venus Flytraps interesting features include its leaves, trap, cilia and digestive ability. In order to understand how specialized the Venus Flytrap really is, one should realize that the plants only grow in a very small area in the wild. According to websites, Venus Flytraps are native to tropical rainforest. The majority of plants get their nutrients from the soil, water and sunlight. Although Venus Flytraps do take some of their food from the processes used by other plants, they generally grow in soil very poor in nutrients. Therefore, Venus Flytraps have developed carnivorous adaptations that allow them to get necessary nutrients from bugs, according to the Botanical Society.

frog eaten by venus flytrap

Food Webs.

Food webs are interconnected food chains.That show what eat each other in that habitat, or areas.

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