Curriculum Corner

Fall 2020 Edition

Hybrid Learning Underway

On Oct. 5th MCVSD implemented a hybrid learning model, bringing students in two days a week for face-to-face instruction. While many teachers have been instructing all students synchronously, some have adopted a flipped classroom model. Either way, teachers have risen to the occasion, creating Bitmoji/Google classrooms and utilizing online applications to support high impact instruction for a virtual classroom. Teachers are using Peardeck & EdPuzzle to formatively assess, Gizmos to conduct virtual labs and JamBoard to create an interactive whiteboard.

The QSAC District Team Prepares for the Audit

QSAC (Quality Single Accountability Continuum) is NJDOE's monitoring and evaluating system for public school districts. The system focuses on monitoring and evaluating school districts in five key components: Instruction & Program, Fiscal, Governance, Operations, and Personnel. The district team has been busily uploading artifacts and evidence for the state's performance indicators and looks forward to the 19-20 audit!

Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment Work Continues

The curriculum coaches continue to facilitate discussions with their content-area teams the last Wednesday of every month. Teams have been sharing best practices, auditing their online toolbox, identifying priority standards and creating collaborative authentic assessments. Coaches have been instrumental in initiating the curriculum conversations that are crucial across the district.

As semesterized schools prepare to administer midterm exams, teachers are encouraged to create authentic assessment tasks that provide evidence of the students' learning while accounting for the limitations of our instructional environment.

Having discussions on effective teaching and student learning have never been more critical. The standards for effective teaching do not change in an online setting; however, there are nuances to how educators display effectiveness and what evaluators look for when providing feedback. Here are suggestions based on the Stronge teacher performance standards and indicators.

Looking for curriculum PD? Check out these virtual workshops on how to develop units plans to guide instruction.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me, Ms. Labas or your coach if you'd like assistance with transferring your units to a remote/hybrid model.

Moving from Good to Great: Curriculum Initiative Heading into Year 2

On Oct. 21 the Fall '20 cohort attended the UbD Part 1 training at BTHS to learn how to plan with a purpose and think like an assessor. Teachers also received time to redesign their curriculum units in Rubicon/Atlas. This was the 10th cohort trained by the district curriculum team. Thank you to Ms. Lennon, Dr. Droughton, Mr. Taylor, Lt. MacDonald, Mr. Gerling, Mr. Eldridge, Mr. Martin, Ms. Leanza and Mr. Lutcza for joining us!!

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Winter Cohort UbD Training Part I

Wednesday, Jan. 13th 2021 at 8am


RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Let Google Take Your Attendance!

You can save time taking attendance by downloading the Google Attendance extension! This extension records which students attended, when they arrived and how long they stayed with all of the information displayed in a tidy HTML report.

Are Your Students Really Present During That Google Meet??

Beware! There are Google Meet Extensions that allow students to purposefully freeze their screen so it looks like they are at their computer when they are not.