Europe's Best

by: Roxy Chaheine

These three countries that I have chosen are the ones that interested me the most. I have always wanted to take a vacation to these places. I wanted to learn more about the culture and the way they live. In my opinion, these are the best European countries.

Country: Germany

Leader and Title:

Germany's Chief of State's name is Joachim Gauck.

Historical monument:

One of Germany's many historical monuments is the Brandenburg Gate. It is located in the Western part of Berlin.


Many people call the country of Germany their home. The last recorded population of germany was 81,147,265 on July of 2012


One of main crops that is grown in Germany is potatoes. Many German dishes have potatoes in them, it is a big part of their culture.


Germany's average gross domestic product is $3,383 trillion


Germany is a member of the European Union, which means, their currency is the Euro. The exchange rate to a US dollar is $1.36


The primary language in Germany is German.


The primary religion in Germany is Protestant.

Famous Landmark:

one of many famous landmarks in Germany is the Berlin Wall. It was a barrier built by the German Democratic Republic that completely cut off West Berlin from East Germany.

Cultural food:

One cultural food that is quite popular in Germany is sauerkraut.


In Germany, the climate is pretty typical. Cold, snowy winters and hot summers.

Country: France


The president of France is Francios Hollande. He was elected in 2012.

Historical Monument:

One of France's historical monuments is the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Historical figure:

A very significant historical figure from France is Louis XIV. He built a fortress around France and reduced population pressure.


France is home to about 65,951,611 people


France's gross domestic product is around $2.579 trillion

Famous brands:

Some of many famous brands from France are

Coco Chanel and Lacoste.


The majority of the people who live in France practice the Roman Catholic religion.

Famous landmarks:

One of the most famous tourist attractions in the world is located in Paris, France.

It is called the Eiffel tower. It is 1,063 feet tall.

Cultural foods:

The macaroon, one of the most delicious desserts, originated from France along with many others.

Relative location:

France is located West of Germany.


The climate in Paris during the winter is very cold and snowy.

The climate in the summer is pretty mild temperatures.

Country: Italy


Prime Minister Enrico Letta

Historical monument:

The Colosseum is a very well known monument is located in Rome.


Some main crops grown in the outskirts of Italy are fruits and vegetables.


Italy's gross domestic product is around $1.813 trillion

Famous Brands:

Many famous brands that we find here in America, actually originated from Italy. Such as Ferrari, Gucci, and my personal favorite, nutella.


A majority of the people who live in Italy speak Italian.

famous landmark:

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a very well known landmark in Italy.

Cultural foods:

Here in American we eat many italian foods. Such as pizza, pasta, caesar salad, and much more.

Relative Location:

Italy is located East of France


The climate in Italy is cool, rainy winters and hot, dry summers.


Rugged and mountainous. contains some plains.