about anterctica

did you know that Antarctica is one of the most coldest places on the earth. in this news letter I am going to tell you about Antarctica because it is what I am studding in on of my classes.

What type of animals live in Antarctica?

type of animals

  • sperm whale

  • polar bears

  • squid

  • brown skua

  • cape pigeon

  • snow petrel

  • antarctic tern

  • wandering albatross

  • humpback whale

  • blue whale

  • southern bottlenose whale

  • killer whale


hi I am madyson. I love to learn.and I love to dance. and I like how to learn about Antarctica.
more facts on Antarctica

it has a lot of facts about Antarctica.

fast facts.

  • covers about 4,700,000 square miles.

  • is 7,500 feet above sea level ( 2,300m).

  • population is between 1,000 and 4,000.

  • people from many countries do research on antarctica each year.

  • highest point is Vinson Massif,16,066 feet ( 4,897 meters) above sea level.

  • is the 5 largest continent.

  • highest temperature is 59 degrees F.

  • the sun never sets but ant. never warmed up.

What makes the air in Antarctica so cold that most animals do not live there?

  • lowest temp. is -128.6 F (-89.2 C)

  • ant. has never raise above 32 F(0 C)

  • an ice sheet covers about 2.4 of antarctica 14 million kilometers