Benjamin Spock

BY Binh and Sammi


Born on May 2,1903 and died March 15, 1998

Oldest child in largest family in a strict New England family

Member of the unite states in 1924 Olympics games in Paris and France

In 1927 he studied at Columbia university college of physicians and surgeons at Yale

He married Jane Davenport Cheney

After he graduated high school, he enrolled in medical school. He learned psychiatry because he believed that pediatrician were focused on physical of child development.


1) Trust your instincts-Parents has to trust themselves

2) routines are needed- its not always important for the baby not to have a strict feeding and sleeping schedule

3) don't fret if your baby acts funny-took it from Freud idea

4) Both parents should be involved in the baby life- both parents should be involve in the child's life

5) babies need love- babies need to be cuddled and kissed to feel love

Examples of the theory

Spock's book

When he was older ,he taught pediatrics at Cornell Medical College while he practiced pediatric in the New York City. He wrote many books, one in those books is "Baby and Child Care". "Baby and Child Care" is helped million of American parents to teach their children in WWII baby boom. He became a best selling guide to child rearing. Spock came up with his books because he was a father and found out about these ideas from raising his son. He also taught child development in University Pittsburgh and Case Western Reserve.

Interesting Facts

Today people do not read spocks book anymore. They think Spock is punished for his liberal politics more than his child rearing philosophy, and spock did not teach his children well. Many parents were not interested in his advice. Parents hug and kiss their children, show their love and encourage to express their individually. have Spock to thank.

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