Our Yucky Scrapbook

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Pee is a liquid waste called urine. This is a bodily function that gets bacteria out of your intestines. The main part of this process are the kidneys, they link everything together. Pee is often called going number 1 or many other creative names.


Chyme is gastric juice. Gastric juice is a acid liquid made from your stomach acid and the food you made. Vomit is gastric juice and the food you ate not digested yet. Vomit isn't the same as what you ate maybe an hour ago. This stuff comes out of your mouth through the pyloric sphincter.


Have you ever heard a noise all of sudden, and it smelled bad. Well, that is a fart. Farts are gas, and they release bacteria. Gassy things are called flatulence. Farts are complete normal.


Poop is a leftover waste. Poop is a waste you don not need in your body.
In the stomach your food passes through your intestines, and that's when the nutrients get sucked out of it. Finally, your food turns to acid and get ejected through the anus.


Burping helps release air, its like a balloon blows up then it will pop. Well your stomach needs to let the extra air out. When this action happens the noise it makes comes from your epiglottis.


Snakes are limbless ,reptiles with no eyelids. All snakes feel taste and smell. Snakes swallow their food whole by opening there jaws up to 130 degrees before it bites. Some snakes such as the cobra have a venamus bite. The cobras spit has enough venom to kill 10 men.
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