The spark

The scary but harmless spark (NOT REAL)

Safety fact !!!!!

The spark is completely harmless. Unless you bather it then it gets mad. But that probably not happen. It is a outside pet. Yes it is a pet to. If you bring it in side it gets scard of small spaces and it probably it won't fit in small spaces.

Where the spark lives

It can live in the ocean or on land. It love to eat seaweed if it is in the ocean or fish. On land it eats berry's and some animals.

More facts

More facts


In the Sparks ecosystem there is trees were the the Sparks live. But if the spark goes in to the ocean it just swims around with all the other. When the spark is in the trees it uses its webs to fly around in the trees.


it is usely cloudy but sometimes it sun. it stays in the 20 in the winter and in the summer it gets in to the 130. They are in the water a lot in the summer. it snows a lot in the winter and in the summer it is sunny all the time. in the spirng it is raining all the time.