Destination Innovation

Holden Manning Webb

Central Idea

Civilizations adapt to there environment by solving new solutions to unique problems!

Third grade is EPIC!!

Greek Is Groovy!!

Greek Plays!!!

Greece made masks to wear in plays,and I liked making the mask!!

Rockin The Chiton!!

Groovy Greek Day Was Very Very FUN!!!!

Horrible History

Horrible Histories Greek Words, s4

Romans Were Rotton

I Liked

Making a flyer about this unit, and choosing a inventor to learn about, and I liked Groovy greek day, and rotten Roman day!!

Postal service

The Postal service was made for a more social life to people.

Who created the first Plane?

The Lift Off!


I Learned

That the Wright Brothers created the first plane successfully,and i learned that the Romans made the Postal Service,and i learned that greek made mask to ware in plays!!