The Cheesecake Factory

By: Amber Box

David Overton

  • Born on April 13,1946
  • Grew up in Detroit Michigan
  • Graduated high school and then attended Wayne state University and then went to Hastings College of Law
  • Founder of the Cheesecake Factory

The Start

  • In the 1940s Davids mother Evelyn Overton found a recipe in the newspaper that inspired the original cheesecake
  • She began making cheesecakes in her basement and sold them to local restaurants
  • In 1978 they moved to California and opened the first restaurant in Beverly Hills
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The Success of The Chessecake Factory

  • The restaurant was a huge hit
  • In 2011 is expanded to the middle east
  • Business operates two other restaurants the Grand Lux Cafe and the Rocksugar Pan Asian Kitchen
  • Company makes a 1.6 billion annual revenue


  • At age 15 David began to play the drums
  • Went to college but later dropped out to become a musician
  • David realized he would nit make it as a drummer
  • Moved to California with his parents to start a restaurant
  • Restaurant turned into a big success
  • David became the Founder of the Cheesecake Factory