Candace Wells Period 6

Is it Renewable?

Uranium is considered a non-renewable resource but the Earth's crust is unlikely to run out anytime soon.

Where is Uranium Found?

Uranium is found in rocks, soil, and water all around the world and is also found in the mantle of the Earth. It is also found in super nova's in space.

How Does it Produce Energy?

Uranium produces energy by giving of heat. The heat is then used to heat water that then turns into steam. The steam turns a turbine that presses wire against a magnetic field creating an electric current.

What are the Uses Of Uranium?

The uses of uranium are nuclear power, x-rays, ammunition, coloring glass, atomic bombs, projectiles, submarines, ships, pottery, glassware, tiles, stain, dye, smoke detectors, airplanes, and fuel.

Are There Products Created Through the Use of this Energy Source?

Yes, some products that are made from uranium are nuclear fuel, explosives for nuclear weapons, materials for armor and projectiles, and toner for photography.

Who uses Uranium?

People who use uranium are the military, industries, scientist, and nuclear power plants. All of these people use uranium for energy or in the case of the scientist for experiments.

What is the Cost Benefit of Using Uranium?

The mining of uranium is very expensive with an approximate price of $10,000 per hole.

What is the Environmental Impact of Uranium?

The effects of uranium are often not dangerous, but if high concentrations are found I water it can be very dangerous to the organism that live in and drink the water.
Uranium mining could impact local water

What are the Advantages of Using Uranium?

The use of uranium is a non polluting way to make energy, it is important to nuclear weapons, and uranium has many uses.


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