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28th May 2021 Term 2 Week 4


Well this week has been a week of surprises, with a blood supermoon, freezing temperatures and beautiful days.

Welcome to Edward (and his family), who started this week. He is courageous and so much fun! It is great having him as our newest Albury Kid!

Congratulations to Daniel, Lachie, Digby and Amy on receiving the Class Awards at last weeks assembly.

Daniel is doing some outstanding work in Persuasive Writing and Lachie has made amazing progress in Maths Division.

Digby was awarded the Class Award for going through his first weeks of school like a champion and Amy for being a kind and caring Albury kid.

Also congratulations to Olivia McK and Meila for being the recipients of the Principal’s Awards. I chose these two wonderful Albury Kids because they demonstrated outstanding friendship skills during their break times last week. It was delightful to hear conversations like, “Let’s ….” “Shall we …?”, “Come on…” – all said with kindness and with beaming smiles.

Terrific Albury Kids – Well done!

I look forward to our next assembly and will be watching out for some more awesome Albury Kids!

Website Redevelopment

Just to let you know that behind the scenes we are working on an updated website. We will not be posting items onto the current website until we have our new one up and running.

Achievement Reporting

2020 achievement data has been analysed and reported through to the Ministry of Education. Nick Fisher and I had a meeting with the MOE yesterday and we were delighted to receive a high level of positive feedback from them about our student learning results. This is a credit to our whole community. We extend our congratulations to you all (staff, students, parents and whānau). We identified Writing and Reading as our fundamental learning focus for last year.

Writing: At the start of 2020 our analysis showed that:

52% (11 students) were working slightly below the level of expected achievement in writing and 48% (10 students) were working at/above. The expectations of a new school year changes the expectation of learning (ie If a student is now in Year 3 then we look at Y3 expectations), however we know that it is the PROGRESS being made is crucial.

We provided a robust, enriching writing programme throughout the year resulting in 91% of students working at/above curriculum expectations and 9% (2 students) not quite achieving. We were delighted that ALL students made significant progress and are continuing to do so.

Reading: At the start of 2020 our analysis showed that:

33% (7 students) were working slightly below the level of expected achievement in Reading and 67% (14 students) were working at/above.

Our end of year analysis of achievement showed that:

Year 1-3 students: At the end of the 2020 school year 83% (10/12) of students were working at or above the curriculum expectations for their year group. The two students who were not yet achieving at the curriculum expectation were also identified at mid-year as the only two students in Y1-3 not yet achieving. Although progress had been made they are continuing to work on consolidating fundamental language features.

Year 4-6 students: At the end of the 2020 school year 100% (9/9) of students were working at or above the curriculum expectations for their year group. This is an exceptional result enhanced by the fact that 66% are reading above the curriculum expectation. There is a consciousness that reading skills need to be used across the curriculum areas and each learning area has specific language. A term that is used is “reading to learn” compared to “learning to read”. This age group can read – and they have a tremendous skillset to widen their vocabulary through the learning areas.

It is fantastic to see this progress. We know that students at Albury School are keen to learn and they have caring and experienced teachers keeping them safe and secure. Our environment models strong values and we have a community who support all of our Albury Kids to do the best they can. Thank you for all that you do. This journey is exciting and rewarding!


Donna Donnelly


Albury School

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  • Monday 31st: Cross Country 11.00am - POSTPONED!!! -


  • Tuesday 1st: Young Leaders Day
  • Thursday 3rd: Assembly 2.45pm
  • Monday 7th: SCHOOL CLOSED Queens Birthday
  • Tuesday 8th: SCHOOL CLOSED Teacher Only Day
  • Wednesday 9th: Fledgling Fours 2.30pm
  • Thursday 10th: Sushi
  • Monday 14th: SC Cross Country Waihi
  • Thursday 17th: Assembly 2.45pm
  • Thursday 17th: BOT Meeting
  • Wednesday 23rd: Fledgling Fours 2.30pm
  • Thursday 24th: Sushi
  • Friday 25th: Ice Skating Day


  • Thursday 8th: Sushi
  • Thursday 8th: Celebration Assembly 2.30pm
  • Friday 9th: Last Day of Term 2

  • Monday 26th: First Day of Term 3

cross country - postponed -

There is a change in the weather approaching, so we needed to make a decision if the

Cross Country would go ahead or not. With huge amounts of rain and possible snowfall predicted for the weekend and strong southerly winds for Monday unfortunately we had

to make the call to postpone it.

A new date will be confirmed.

Canopy Classroom

Wow we have been busy, and the students learning is out of this world!

Last week we listened to an astronaut read us a story from the International Space Station - which has sparked a class-wide interest in space! We have learnt how take notes from YouTube clips on space this week, which we will use to make posters showing what we have learnt. Keeping with the space theme we made our own scratch art pictures to go up in the library. I love hearing the students say that they like their art as they see the finished product come together.

For maths the focus has been on learning multiplication and division. So great to hear students say "O I get it now!" as they learn that division is times tables backwards and they can see the patterns!

This term we have welcomed Digby and Edward to our class and are really excited about the rest of the term as we welcome Jack, Lennox, Max and Harrison for their school visits as well!

Fledgling Fours continues to be a highlight of the fortnight for us all.

The students are making awesome progress in all areas - they are focused and working hard and we are very proud of them all!

Rippa Rugby Tournament

Congrats to our awesome Albury Kids Daniel, River, Lachie, Ted, Kayde, Hayley, Tilly, Mia and Olivia for their terrific participation and grit at the annual Rippa Rugby tournament last Wednesday. They improved with each game and it was awesome to see them changing their game strategy to enable a fast moving pace for try scoring. No game wins but they are winners all the same!!

Well done team Albury!

Thanks to Aaron for helping them out on the day.

Pink Shirt Day

Speak Up ~ Stand Together ~ Stop Bullying

Last Thursday Albury School took part in the annual Pink Shirt Day. The school was a sea of all different shades of pink, reminding everyone to be kind and inclusive.

We raised a total amount of $25 that will go to the Pink Shirt Day kaupapa. The donations enable the Mental Health Foundation to run Pink Shirt Day, raise awareness about bullying prevention and provide resources that provide inclusive workplaces, schools and communities.

For more information or to make a donation head to

Visit from Giselle Clarkson

We had the pleasure of hosting illustrator Giselle Clarkson. We were drawn into her world of how she uses her interest in the environment, nature and humour to not only provide her with employment but also to share her passion for using art/illustrations as a form of communication.

Snowman Mystery

The students were intrigued to learn from Mrs Donnelly that a very special visitor had entered the school grounds. Great detective work went into finding evidence about what may have happened and there were many different ideas about what the snowman could have been up to.

Here is Dan's story:

DF Story Snowman

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Mackenzie Junior Netball

Mackenzie Junior Netball Year 1, 2, 3 and 4

Player Registrations now open

Season starts Friday 30th July

Please contact

Sarah O'Leary 0276854966

or email

We also need a coach for the year 1 and 2 level if anyone is interested???

Smokefree now includes No-Vaping


All schools are now SMOKE FREE and VAPING FREE.

Vaping has now been added to the Smokefree Act and it is illegal to Vape on school grounds.

Signage is being changed to reflect this addition.

School Policies

The following policies are being reviewed by the Board this term:

Protected Disclosures

Reporting to Parents on Student Progress and Achievement

Albury School Policies are located online at School Docs.

User name: albury

Password: queen