Mary Kay Ash



Mary Kay Ash belived a lady never reviles her age ," and therefor the exact year of her birth is unknown.It is estamaited to be 1916.she was born in Hot Wells,Texas.She was born to Edward Alexander Lula Vember Heting Wagner.


Mary Kay Ash died on November 22,2001 in Dallas she was buried in the Sparkman Hillcrest Memorial Park Cemetery in Dallas,Texas.


Her childhood experience shaped the future of this visionary woman of America.

Later life

Mary Kay Ash graduated in 1934 and went to attend University of Houton


Mary Kay Ash was a competitive student and did well in her public speaking and debates.

Important events

An important event in her life was when she opend her makeup factory.

Why is she famous

Mary Kay Ash is famous for her makeup products.

Why did I pik Mary Kay Ash

the reason I piked Mary Kay Ash was ,because at the beginning I didn't know enithing about her till know.