Movies turning to Theme Parks

By Michael Burns


The layout of the park is important because you want everything to look like it came straight out of the movie. If the park doesn't look the same some people would become sad or they would be mad, because they just payed all this money to see the park and its a bunch of Bologna. The construction workers helping to build the park are important because if they don't get the building plans right it could give the guests a vibe that whoever built the park doesn't care. The people that actually work in the park are important because if they don't follow the guidelines of how they are supposed to operate the gusts might not go back to that park. How Disneyland advertises in that park is also crucial because if you don't advertise in the park nobody would buy anything and that would cause sales to decrease.


It is important for the characters to come to life for the guests so that they get the feel they're really in the movie. Also bring out their inner child and have fun with their favorite character or characters. The characters play a major part in the satisfaction of the guest, they determine if the guest is happy or sad with his or her experience. The designer of the characters also plays a role in the experience because if they do a bad job designing, the guest will be like "What the heck is this". The Operators play a part to because the electronics that help the characters speak is important because if the characters say nothing relating to the movie nobody would understand.