The American Dream

Jay Gatsby and Jay-Z

Jay Gatsby: American dream was to gain wealth for the woman he loved and wanted to be with, Daisy.

  • Millionaire (600 million)
  • Grew up with a poor family. (North Dakota)
  • Had to sneak around with Daisy
  • Owns a 12 bedroom mansion in West Egg
  • Made his money through bootlegging
  • Held parties all the time to find Daisy

Jay-Z: - American dream was to gain fame and wealth in motivation of the woman he loves, Beyonce.

  • Millionaire (500 million)
  • Kept his relationship with Beyonce secretive.
  • Grew up to a poor family in BedStuy, Brooklyn.
  • Owns a 45 million dollar mansion
  • Was a crack dealer before he became rich
  • Made millions in the alcohol business selling to nightclubs.
  • Threw parties and has partied with many famous people.