Internet safety speech

By Shaw Sova

Internet safety

At the speech I will be talking about internet safety issues:

1. Never give out personal information over the internet.

2. Don't post things to social media that you don't have permission to post

3. Never meet people you met online.

4. If you ever lose your phone, Disable it as soon as possible never arrange to meet someone for it.

5. Never give away your credit card info.

6. Use your own WiFi when doing personal things, never do it over public WiFi.

7. Don't ever cyber bully other people.

8.If you're ever cyber bullied tell a parent or trusted adult. That will work every time.

9. Keep your digital footprint clean, because if you have a bad one then you'll have trouble getting a job and plenty more issues. So just keep yours clean like mine below.

10. At the bottom I've put a few links to websites that'll help you

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Monday, June 8th, 8:30pm

1234 Market St

Philadelphia, PA