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Anichkov Bridge.

Anichkov Bridge is the first and most famous bridge across the Fontanka River. Except its four famous horse sculptures, the bridge has some of the most celebrated ornate iron railings in Saint Petersburg.During the siege of Leningrad bridge was damaged by artillery attack.And now you can see the trail of an artillery shell that did not clean up after the war.


Probably everyone heard the song: "Finch-fawn, where have you been?". Monument "Finch-fawn" was installed on the Fontanka River in 1994. Parents of a Finch-Fawn: "Gold Ostap" festival artist Rezo Gabriadze, architect Slava Bukhayev. Now you can toss a coin and make a wish if you throw to the basin.

Mikhailovsky Castle.

If you like to be scared out of your wits, this is the place for you! Mikhailovsky Castle is a former royal residence in the historic centre. This castle there are many legends, one of which states that a ghost lives in the building. Same the castle looks different from each side and you have the chance to consider building on almost all sides.

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