Help us in our cause to end water pollution today!

Clean Water is very Important!

Water is very important to the human race. Without clean water, we could die of horrible water-born illness. These water illnesses could be polio, and typhoid. Both bad diseases! You wouldn't want to end up like Liberia, Mali, and Somalia! Liberia is home to 4 million people, and home to a company that pollutes the waters with rubber tree harvesting. Not to mention Mali has a chemical company with no water pollution regulation. Finally Somalia, home of the pirates! Somalia's fish have been contaminated with uranium. Don't end up with the same fates as these countries! Help your community today and clean the water for the better!
Water Pollution

It's Not To Late!

How to help these countries!

These certain countries that can improve in many ways! Somalia could Collect the water when it rains before it reaches to the rest of the contaminated water! Not only that, they could stop the trash dumps, and stop illegal dumping from big corporations. Since most of the companies near the capital (the capital of Mali controls water) they dump the waist in the river. They could stop it by controlling the way the companies dump their materials. The last country on our list is Liberia. Liberia could be helped by controlling the irrigation dumping by everyone.