Who's To Blame?

By Adam Lambert

The Unsinkable Has Sunk

On April,15,1912 2:20 Am the Titanic sinks taking many lives with it. Estimated only 705 survivors and 1,503 died total.Many of of their body's couldn't be found. Including Captain E.J.Edward and many others.

Who was captain E.J Smith?

Captain E.J Smith was as you know the captain of the Titanic. He was the best of his class.

Many said he was ahead of his time.Many changed their voyages just to be aboard the ship with captain E.J smith.He was a brave man who risked his life for the safety of others. He was a very brave man.

Why weren't all of the life boats filled?

At around 1:00 am 2nd officer Charles lightower was told by Captain E.J Smith Gave the orders to load women and children first ,but He misunderstood and thought he said women and children only. So the first lifeboats were half full


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