PYP Newsletter - SEK-Dublin

January 1

Welcome back to Ireland

Last week, it was the first week back to SEK-Dublin. First of all, we would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year. During this first week there were a lot of different feelings around the school, people feeling a bit homesick, but, on the other hand, we were very happy to see all of our friends and teachers again.

We also started our extracurricular activities, Zumba, football, basketball and study period, even though we have not been able to practise sports due to the weather conditions.

It was a long week and the weather was not very good, in fact, it was very miserable! We were in red alert because of a hurricane. We had very strong winds on Wednesday in Greystones, but the worst area was the west coast of Ireland, in particular, Galway. We also had some snow on Tuesday and it was raining for most of the week. But the good thing is that Friday was a sunny day, and we could go out to the playground.

We started our new unit of Inquiry “How we organise ourselves” and we are looking at different types of governments in the world. In Maths we are designing new tables with our own designs and we are also calculating how much it will cost, it is such a challenging activity!

On Saturday we went to the Guinness brewery and it was a very interesting visit since we learnt about the history of the Guinness beer and the process of how the beer is brewed. The thing that we really liked the most, was the panoramic 360º views of Dublin city from the Gravity Bar on the top of the storehouse.

Hope you all have a nice week!

Pablo Yécora and Lucía Herrero

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