The Dyatlov Pass Incident

The unanswerable pass

History of the Dyatlov Pass

This incident happen on the night of Febuary 2, 1959 (Dyatlov pass, 2015) It envolved 9 experienced skiers who were trying to get to the Orten Mountains. Their was oringaly 10 hikers but one went home due to an illness, Yuri Yudin ( Dyatlov, 2016) No one knows how these people died but their are many theories.


On Febuary 25 they discoverd the skiers death. (Dyatlov Pass, 2016) Their bodies were in groups but they were all spread out throught the area. Three out of the nine skiers wern't wearing anything but underwear. "There was no expernal damage to the skiers but only intrama." (Dyatlov, 2015) The skiers had fractured skulls, broken ribs and one girl's toung was missing. "The cause of their deaths was an unknown compelling force that was too strong for a human to handle." (Dyatlov, 2015)


Plausible Theorie


The most plausible theorie was the avalnche. This would evplain why the skiers tent was covered in with snow. They were also all coverd under the snow too. With temptures dropping to -30°, this would be the most plausible.