FSSD Instructional Technology

Newsletter Volume II Issue I (Pre K-4)

MICA and TNReady

MICA, Measurement Incorporated Classroom Assessment, is an interactive web-based classroom assessment and learning tool for Tennessee educators. MICA serves as the delivery system for the TNReady Item Sampler, a bank of test items aligned to the Tennessee Academic Standards in English Language Arts and Math for grades 3 through 8 and high school.

The purpose of MICA is to give educators access to items that reflect the rigor and quality of items that will be on TNReady. Teachers can use the items to create their own custom assessments to administer on-demand in their classrooms. Incorporating MICA into regular instructional time provides students with an opportunity to practice with the same online assessment tools they will have on TNReady in MIST, Measurement Incorporated Secure Testing platform. Please contact Lauren or your instructional coach if you would like additional support in implementing MICA.

To view the instructional guides on setting up classes, creating assignments, or viewing reports in MICA click here.

We want to hear from you! Send an email to: instructionaltech@fssd.org sharing how you are incorporating MICA in your classroom instruction!

Featured District Resource: Compass

Click here for the Compass login page.

Compass + STAR Integration: Differentiated Paths Now Available!

Renaissance Learning™ STAR™ assessments and Compass Learning pinpoint each student’s areas of need and automatically generate an individualized learning path to facilitate personalized learning. The partnership leverages a “test translator” to feed STAR assessment data directly into the Compass Learning management system, where it is translated into scale score-aligned personalized learning paths to help students bridge gaps and make progress towards mastery of standards-aligned objectives. At the end of each FSSD benchmark period, the Renaissance Learning™ STAR™ scores will automatically be transferred to Compass using the test translator, creating your students' learning paths. This is an outstanding opportunity to provide differentiated practice for your students both in school and at home!

For an instructional guide on how to access student learning paths, click here.

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TETC: Dec 9th-11th

TETC (Tennessee Educational Technology Conference) will be held in Murfreesboro, December 9th-11th. This conference, hosted by TETA (Tennessee Educational Technology Association) features outstanding keynote sessions, vendor hall, night events, and keynotes by Adam Bellow, Leslie Fisher, and Kathy Shrock-all focused on instructional technology in TN! For more information about the conference, click here!

Also, be on the lookout for an exciting announcement regarding an opportunity to attend TETC with the Instructional Technology Specialists! UPDATE: Application is now here!

Spotlight on Student Engagement: Osmo

With the integration of iPads in K-2, comes the need for effective and engaging resources. Osmo is a set of collaborative learning games for use with the iPad and can be utilized in a variety of content areas. Three FSSD teachers have integrated Osmo in their math and literacy stations. Check out their response and pictures below! To learn more about Osmo, click here and let Lauren know if you would like to try Osmo in your classroom.

In first grade at JES, Drew Wilkerson has utilized Osmo with Wonders vocabulary words and spelling patterns. Drew shared, "My students have been very excited to work with the new Osmo app during technology time! I have made sets of pictures that match our spelling patterns each week, and the students work together or compete, to spell the word using their letter tiles. It has given the students one more way to interact with words, technology, and each other."

Lorrie Graves (2nd, MES) who is utilizing Osmo during her literacy stations, said, "My students love Osmo! The Words game is multi-level and engaging. Students practice spelling skills, vocabulary, and sentence composition. The applications are endless because teachers can create differentiated, subject specific lessons at playosmo.com."

Jennifer Marotta (2nd: PGES) shared, "We've been using Osmo for both Literacy and Math Stations every day. For Literacy Stations, we use the Words program. Two students 'compete' in a game of I SPY (similar to Hangman, but based on curriculum subjects such as recycling or rocks and minerals). I also discovered that I can create my own I SPY word set based on the Wonders vocabulary. I can input each vocabulary word along with a picture clue, and students play the game just as they did before, only now they are also accessing the weekly vocabulary! Tangrams is an activity we use during Math Stations. Again, two students work together to problem solve and re-create a given shape with tangram pieces. It is not as easy as it sounds! Both the Words and Tangrams can be set for different levels of difficulty, so differentiation is also very easy."

Featured Website: FSSD Instructional Technology

Don't forget to check out the Instructional Technology for Teachers section on the new FSSD website. Here you will find instructional guides, links to district resources, and tech help!

Teacher Tips: FSSD Weekly Reading Plan-Wonders Digital Resources

In a classroom filled with various learning styles and a wide range of levels, it can be challenging to meet the needs of each learner. Utilizing instructional technology for individual learning centers allows students to be engaged in a differentiated manner. Did you know that students can access Wonders' digital resources for their weekly vocabulary, leveled readers, and differentiated learning games? When using your FSSD Reading Weekly Planner, these resources would be ideal to implement daily for individual students while you are meeting with small groups.

Contact Lauren if you would like support, to schedule a co-teaching lesson, or have questions about this resource!