Ellison's Cave

Located in Walker County, Georgia

5 Fun Facts

  • It contains America's deepest pit called Fantastic Pit (586 feet down), which is almost twice as tall as the Statue of Liberty
  • It lies among a minor fault line on the North American tectonic plate
  • It is the 12th deepest cave in the United States (over 12 miles and 1063 feet vertically)
  • It has over 7 routes to reach the bottom of the cave. Explore them all
  • It is such a dangerous cave that it is only recommended for experienced climbers. That sounds like a great adventure


  • There are amazing creatures in Ellison's cave such as isopods, amphipods, pseudoscorpions, crayfish, salamanders and more
  • There is limestone bedrock which is very beautiful
  • There are many waterfalls, which falls into great scuba diving locations