FOreign Oil Dependency Solution

Plan of Action Outline

1. We need to get the country to move to renewable resources. This can be done by using solar panels in household for small appliances. Small solar panels may power garages or gates.

2. Slowly increase nationwide renewable energy sources. These can be wind, solar, or water farms or hydroelectric dams.

3. Slowly decrease oil usage by using the renewable energy sources above. Strictly limit oil use to rockets and maybe military/missiles.

4. Continue using renewable sources and add their uses to replace oil in various other places.

5. Where absolutely needed, use natural gas for heavy machinery and completely stop using oil.

6. Geothermal energy is endless and should be brought from the least used spot to the most.

7. Use only geothermal, solar, wind, and water as energy. In some places where it won’t be enough, like the military, missiles, rockets, and heavy machinery (tractors and trucks and construction vehicles), use natural gas.

8. Geothermal can take care of a lot. Use leftover oil, coal, and extra gas as an export.

9. Stay away from those sources plus nuclear. Nuclear energy has too many problems with it like where to dispose of waste.

Written Statement - Description of Organization

FOODS is an organization committed to help the United States to move away from dependency on oil from other countries, especially the Middle East. If something goes wrong abroad, we may lose our oil supplier or the price of the oil may increase dramatically. Since we will still have to buy the oil, the high prices of oil will make oil products here more expensive as well. Such a drastic change may have detrimental effect on our economy. If what was previously stated could happen, that means that the United States is excessively reliant on foreign oil. For this, we have a solution. FOODS is a supplier of small solutions for making homes more self-sustained. We sell solar panels for powering homes and small devices. For example, there are small solar panels great for supplying power for things such as garages. Some larger solar panels can power larger devices or appliances or even an entire house. Our company can also provide services to corporations, factories, or large real estate projects with their own large scale solar energy solutions. We also have offerings for entire cities or states. Our organization can provide consulting for building renewable energy power plants (such as geothermal, hydroelectric or wind farms).