The Internet

Is it making children smarter? By John Wilms

Is the Internet making children smarter?

I believe that the internet is indeed making us more intelligent. The first source that i used for this newsletter, explained that the internet is making children's memory improve, increased their writing ability, and has improved their cognitive skills. The second source explains that the internet is full of informational and educational programs such as Wikipedia. Without these websites, the internet wouldn't exist. We all depend on them everyday. My third source has an interview with the author of Smarter Than You Think. He explains that the internet is a neccessary tool for education in public and private schools. Chromebooks, Ipads, and Smart Boards are things commonly seen in schools all over the country. The fourth and final source that i used explained that the internet is not making us dumber, but instead it has shifted our focus on what information we see as relevant. He believes that this shift will make our society smarter as a whole. For these reasons and more, I believe that the internet is making not only children, but everyone more intelligent.


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