Essential Question 2: Gandhi

Social Studies

Gandhi's Methods and Actions

Gandhi experienced many things in his life, but he always spoke for non violence. During his years of freeing India he became a major spiritual leader. Gandhi put an end to caste discrimination and did what many people were said to be forbidden to do and he held the hand of an outcast. Gandhi during his years also became leader of the Indian National Congress, and even after death stayed a beacon of hope.
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Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.

Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. were similar in very different ways. Both men did not want violence and used boycotts and marches to protest. for example Gandhi led the salt march and Martin Luther King Jr. led the March on Washington. Both men also died standing up for what they believed in. Both men were supported by unlikely and likely sources. Also, Gandhi and King were able to get rights for people who had none. Gandhi helped the outcasts who are outside the caste system and King supported and helped get rights for the black people.

Video: a legacy of peace

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  • 1920: Mahatma Gandhi launches anti-British civil disobedience campaign.
  • 1947: End of British Rule.
  • 1947-48: Hundreds of thousands die after partition is created.
  • 1948: Gandhi assassinated by Hindu extremist.
  • 1948: War with Pakistan over Kashmir
  • 1965: Second war with Pakistan.
  • 2001: India fires on Pakistani military points.
  • 2003: India matches Pakistan's declaration of a Kashmir ceasefire.