Angel's Announce--Addendum

October 8, 2018


I forgot to add this to the Angel's Announce. If you, or your student, have a special project they would like to add to the Angel's Announce, please let us know!
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Letter from student Erin Mendez:

God wants us to help animals, if they need help. Every creature in distress has the same right to be protected. Francis of Assisi

My name is Erin Mendez I am in the 6th grade at Santo Nino Regional Catholic School. Our class is working on service hours to provide help to the community “Helping Others”.

For my love of animals I have chosen to work my service hours with the Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society. It is a very nice facility and the workers there are patient, kind and loving towards the pet needs. I am very excited about working with them and in my prayers asking for help to assist with donations to help feed homeless pets. I visited the shelter and these pets have minimal food and blankets. Some paw babies only have a thin worn sheet which does not provide much warmth or comfort. I began to make small and medium size fleece and flannel blankets for the animals and was able to complete 18 and I also made a donation of dog, cat food and other miscellaneous items. I would like to continue to provide blankets and food for the animals and need your help.

Mr Steffens has allowed me to have 2 bins in the school, one located near the front office and the other in the 5th & 6th grade pod. Below is a list of a few donations that would be very much appreciated and will give comfort and compassion to a frightened and hungry pet.

*Canned or Dry Dog & Cat adult food or (puppy * kitten)

*Dog & Cat treats


*Used towels (any size)

*Used blankets (any size)

*Toys are always welcome

There are thousands of homeless, injured and unwanted animals that end up at the shelters. Many have never known the comfort of kindness. Your gift will help lift their spirits, mend their bodies and helps to spread compassion and save lives.

Thank you and God Bless,