Physical and Chemical Changes

Rylie and Emilie

What is matter?

Matter is anything that makes up space and has mass. Everything has matter. Shoes, basketballs, jump ropes, and more all contains matter. There are three types of matter. Solid, liquid, and gas.

Mass and Volume.

Mass: The amount of matter in an object.

Volume: The amount of space an object takes up.

Physical Properties:


A physical property is a property that has physical state such as smell, color, texture, boiling point, melting point, density, solubility, polarity, and more. It can also go back to its original for an can't be created new.

Chemical Changes:


A chemical change is when one or more substances create or form a new substance. When they become something different, they have new properties such as gas bubbles, rust, color change, fading, change in smell, and the production of heat.

Physical Changes


A physical change is a change in which no new substances are formed.

Chemical Properties


A property of matter based on its ability to change into different properties.