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Trends in Technology - December 2019

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Teacher Laptop Upgrade and Sale

Teacher Laptop Questions and Answers

We will be replacing all teacher laptops that have not been replaced as of yet by December 20th. It is imperative that the teachers understand that they are responsible for backing up their data, as it will be lost if they have not done so.

There are two district supported cloud storage options that are available to teachers using their DISTRICT ISSUED email address and password:
Google Drive & Microsoft Onedrive. Both are accessible through the District Single Sign On >

If you need assistance please put in a work order through Eduphoria!

Help Desk> Technology >> Computer (Desktop or Laptop) >>> NEW Laptop (Teacher)

The process for purchasing laptops can not begin until all inventory of the older laptops have been replaced. So, please make sure to get your work saved online and a work order for replacement put into Eduphoria!

If you are experiencing issues with your new laptop, please put in a work order through Eduphoria! or contact the help desk for assistance. 817-297-5873

If you are interested in purchasing a laptop please complete the following survey:

Technology Plan 2020-2023

Technology Plan Review and Reflection

Now that all instructional technology has been deployed to the campuses, we want to take a moment and reflect on how it is being implemented and utilized. Please take a moment to complete this short survey to assess the technology integration into your classroom.

Cyber Security News

Social engineering


the use of psychological manipulation and deception to trick individuals into performing specific actions or divulging sensitive information.

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Holiday Cyber Awareness: Top Tips

Personal security always tops the wish list!

From cybercriminals stealing our data, to porch thieves stealing our deliveries, let’s keep the spirit of security with these tips during the busy holiday season.

Shopping Online

  1. Only buy from reputable sellers and websites.

  2. Before using your credit card, look for HTTPS and a green padlock in the web address.

  3. Avoid using debit cards or anything connecting directly to your bank.

  4. Watch your financials routinely!

Preventing Porch Theft

  1. Send purchases to a place where someone you trust is home.

  2. Require a signature for expensive stuff.

  3. Purchase anti-theft deterrents.

    1. Camera on porch or doorbell

  4. Rent a locker or delivery box at local UPS or FEDEX.

What to ask before buying Internet Connected Toys

Understand the smart toy’s features:

  • Does the toy come with a camera or microphone? What will it be recording, and will you know when the camera or microphone is on?
  • Does the toy let your child send emails or connect to social media accounts?
  • Can parents control the toy and be involved in its setup and management? What controls and options does it have? What are the default settings?

Understand what information the smart toy collects, and how it will be used:

  • When your child plays with the toy, what kind of information does it collect?
  • Where is this data (including pictures and recordings) stored, how is it shared, and who has access to it? Does the toy company give parents a way to see and delete the data? Is the information secure?
  • If the toy collects personal information from your child who’s under 13 years old, the toy company has to tell you about its privacy practices, ask for your consent, protect and secure collected data, and give you the right to have your child’s personal information deleted.


As we head to the holiday season, and family and friends will be posing for pics and updating statuses and tagging you and your family all over social media. While this can create a sort of digital diary or photo album, please be thoughtful about sharing.


  • Did you know that 3.48 BILLION people use social media worldwide... That's roughly 45% of the worlds population.
  • On average, U.S. Adults have at 7 different social media accounts... Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram, etc.
  • Thieves look at Facebook to see when you are going out of town... Best Practice: Post pictures upon your return, not during the vacation.

'Tis the season to "Pass it On" at the Holidays

Holidays often mean time with family and friends. If you’re looking for conversation starters that avoid tricky topics – like who should’ve won the World Series – why not chat about scams? Pass it On, an FTC education campaign, gives you new ways to talk about scams and how to prevent them.

Click below to view some of the most needed conversations that you can discuss with family to perhaps keep their holiday merry and bright!

Cyber Security Awareness Newsletter - December