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Bonjour : Golden Tulip Films is Now in France

Bienvenue en France

The best a film maker can think of is all in France . From city of lights, Paris to blue sea shores like Marseilles and from famed wine growing city Bordeaux to capital of Riviera , Nice. We get the most heavenly views on this planet to be caught on camera. France, in Western Europe, encompasses medieval and port cities, tranquil villages, mountains and Mediterranean beaches. Paris, its capital, is known worldwide for its couture fashion houses, classical art museums including the Louvre and monuments like the Eiffel Tower. The country is also renowned for its sophisticated cuisine and its wines. Lascaux’s ancient cave drawings, Lyon’s Roman theater and the immense Palace of Versailles are testaments to its long history.

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What We Do

Golden Tulip Films” is Leading Line Production Company of India & LINE PRODUCERS - involved in variety of related areas of entertainment world since 1986 with 150 world class crew members, produced more than 3000 hours of programmes for worldwide Films & Television producers.

We are Golden Tulip Films

We well understand that production in overseas become a nightmare if you are not aware locally or have not appointed a local producer/fixture/line producer. As we are producing productions world-wide over decades, we can easily realise the importance and need of a local person to take care of permissions, crew, locations, geography, social culture, govt. apprehensions, transportation and accommodations. We are here to take care of you as a co-production fellow.
We provide production services of all your needs: advantageous personalized production package, casting services, English speaking professional crew, equipment’s, accommodation services at low cost .

Golden Tulip Films also provides information about coproduction opportunities in France and assists foreign producer who want to apply for the TRIP (Tax Rebate for International Production).

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