The American Industrial Revolution

And It's Negative Impact on American Society

Background Information

The Industrial Revolution took place in Britain In the 1700's. The Industrial Revolution was a time period when machines took the place of tools and the textile industry grew. During the Industrial Revolution many people suffered poor factory conditions, child labor, and extremely long working hours with small amount of pay. Overall, the Industrial Revolution negatively impacted American society.

Sum it up!

The Industrial Revolution caused a nagative impact to American society. Although the Industrial Revolution sparked inventions and transportation, it also brought child labor and brutal factory conditions to America. The long working hours that workers faced throughout the time period of the Industrial Revolution harmful and negatively impacted society. The cons in the Industrial revolution outweigh the pros because there were many people hurt, killed and mistreated through this time period. Overall, the American Industrial Revolution negatively changed the course of American society for the worst.


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