Bellis perennis

Wich means daisy's


Daisy's come from one of the largest family's in the world they come from a family called vascular plants those plants circular goodness around there systems making up 10% of all flowering plants in the world. Also daisys are fond every wear on earth except Antarctica.
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What is photosynthesis

Photosynthesis converts massive amount of sunlight electrical and then chemical energy.

Seed leaves

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Seed leaves are the first leaves on your plant or the first leaves on the plant when it sprouts.

True leaves

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True Leaves start to grow after seed leaves are almost fished growing.


Birth is when the plant starts to grow.


GRowth is when it starts to build up after birth


Reproduction is when the plant spreds other plants of its kind around to make more.


Death is when the plant dies and turns to like a black looking plant.

Life cycle

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1. It starts out as a seed

2. It starts its birth

3. It starts growth

4. It grows in to a flower and starts reproduction

5. Is death but it has more of its kind growing.

Seed leaves

Seed leaves are the first leaves made on the plant
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