I Am

by Ellie Knox

a math autobiography

I am a student who tolerates math

I wonder why math bores me.

I hear people discuss math anxiety and that it is real.

I see equations waiting to be solved.

I want to enjoy math.

I am a student who tolerates math

I pretend that math is not very important.

I feel overwhelmed with all of the various equations.

I worry that I will never understand this problem.

I touch the keys of my calculator to double check my answer.

I cry when I do poorly on a math test.

Math Feelings







I want to be a teacher who celebrates math

I understand that many struggle with math.

I say that I will make math as fun and exciting as possible.

I dream of a world where children can do elementary math without a calculator.

I try to create a positive learning community for math.

I hope that my students recognize the importance of math.

Jack Black - Math Song.wmv

i am a teacher who engages my students with math!