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To Bee or Not To Bee


  • colony collapse disorder is referred to a mysterious virus that causes bees to leave their hive and never return!
  • Because of this, eventually the whole colony dies!
  • scientists are saying that the virus is called Israeli acute paralysis virus and they are trying to find out what causes it and do something about it to make it stop.


  • Adult workers have to feed pollen and honey and take care of the baby bees until they become adults.

  • The queen bee's job is to produce eggs. but she has to, because they always need more workers because they all have to die at some point so they NEED more bees. and the queen bee can produce about 2000 eggs each day but I am sure she doesn't do that everyday.

  • when the adult bees get mature and weak and they cant do their job anymore then they carry the food to storage while the younger stronger honey bees work THEIR jobs until they get too old.

how do the bees pollinate the flowers and do they eat it and what else do they eat?

  • for millions of years BEES have been pollinating the flowers so therefor the plants rely on bees to help them grow.

  • the fuzz on the bee carry's the pollen from flower to flower, and the reason they were even near the flower is because they eat it and they have to feed the younglings.

how do the bees behave?

  • honey bees are social insects that live in colonies

  • they don't sting you unless they feel threatened so if you don't mess with them they wont hurt you.

  • a queen bee will sting another queen bee during mating season, a fight for dominance.

  • worker bees will sweep up a few flakes of wax from thy abdomens and chew this wax until it becomes soft to use it for making cells to form the hive.

what do honey bee's look like?

  • they are 15mm long and are light brown in color

  • they are fuzzy

  • they are striped with black and yellow

  • they have six legs and 2 antennas.