By Thomas


  • He was born in in Florence, Italy 1386.
  • He spent most of his life in Florence.
  • His education was he was a apprentice to Ghiberti. Most of his life he worked at the cathedral were he made exquisite sculptures.
  • He mainly made sculptures and some of his famous works are Statue of David, Marble figure of St. Mark, and Life size marble Prophets.
  • Donatello's most famous patron was the Cosimo de Medici.
  • The "Ism's"
  • Secularism- His art work is very balanced of his religious panting and his non religious paintings.
  • Humanism- In his sculpture they are all human even his religious ones, like the statue of David



  • It was created in 1430.

  • You can find this piece today at the Bargello Palace museum.

  • This piece is very unique because it was the first fully nude statue in the middle ages since the Roman time period. And it is life-size (158cm) and made out of bronze. Was also the first free standing statue in Italy.

  • Ism's
  • Humanism because it shows David beating Goliath and David is a human that represents humans can do amazing thins.