Renewable Energy Resources

By Madilyn Humphries

Solar Energy

Solar energy is good and bad. The sun is always there, so you could use solar panels to power a building. On some days, especially if you live along the coast, there's a lot of cloudy days. Sometimes you might not get the energy you want.

Wind Energy

You can use wind, when you use a turbine. Wind turns the turbine, the faster it goes, the more electricity it makes. On some days though, it's not really windy, and electricity won't produce.

Water Energy

Water will always be around, its 75% of the world. Water energy is a very long process, and expensive to make. You have to make a dam, that uses the rushing water to power things. It is though, a very good energy resource.

Renewable Energy

Geothermal Energy

The heat from the earth is used to power stuff. It is a good resource because it's clean and substantial. On the downside, you have to make a big plant, that makes a lot of pollution, and radiation.

Biomass Energy

It is stored energy from photosynthesis. When it is burned, it releases heat energy. It does also release carbon dioxide, which is bad and good.
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