George Washington

By Kyle Cousins


George Washington was an interesting and important person in American history. He had an intresting early life with his family. When he was older, he decided to go fight for America and later was a hero. After the war he become a national leader. He retired to his old farm with his wife. George Washington had a wild life and died at the age of 67.

Early Life

George Washington had a wild life with his mom and dad on his farm. George Washington was born February 22, 1732 at 10 o'clock. He lived with his mom Mary Bell and dad Augustine. When he was 7 he moved to a Ferry Farm on the Rappahannock River. George Washington was only 11 when his dad died in 1743. One thing that is interesting is George Washington only left the country once, he went to Barbados. George Washington had an wild ride with his family in his early life.

War Years

George Washington faught in many battles and had crazy war years. George Washington became a commander-in-chief in June of 1775. One thing you might not know is George Washington army defeated Hessian's army on Christmas. Also during a nasty winter George Washington's army nearly died completely out at Vally Forge. One fort that George and his army had to build was Fort Neccesity. George Washington was a well known hero when it came to the war.

After the War

After the war George became one of Americans leaders. George Washington is well known for being the first President of the United States. Some people call him the Father of our Country. He was married to his sweet wife Martha. He retired to his his home at Mount Vernon in 1796. George Washington died at the age of 67 with a bad cold in his throat. His last word were "Tis well." You can still be looking fo George on any 1 dollar bill or quarter. George Washington helped his country during and after the war and retired to home sweet home.


George Washington is a very cool man to learn more about. George Washington had a fascinating life before he became a well known American. George Washington had a crazy, wild time while fighting for his country. George Washington became a well know leader and later had had a sad ending. Thanks for reading about the intresting life of George Washington.


*Commander-a person who is in charge of a group of people or an officer of high rank in the Military

*Fascinating-very interesting or appealing

*National-of or relating to an entire nation or country or owned and controlled or operated by a national government

*Retired-not working anymore: having ended your working or professional career

*Wild-not tame: something with no control



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