Dear God: Passionate Prayers

The Book Series

I Appreciate YOU!

In 2009, I started posting prayers on my personal timeline via the Social Media network Twitter, which requires that each message contain 140 characters or less.

People started following me and responding to the prayers. S

oon I added commentary, still in 140 character or less snippets, and they were just as well received.

I had no idea at that time that I was accumulating content for a book.

I got several requests and finally upon being granted access to my Twitter archive, I realized that I have more than 50,000 Dear God prayers and unique commentaries of varying lengths.

That's enough content for a whole lot of books.

So, in December 2013 I started working deciding which content to use and expanded my reach to Facebook. The Dear God Facebook page now has over 11,000 likes.

The Dear God website, which posts most of the same content as the Facebook page has several hundred email subscribers as well.

As I enter into a season of preparation for the manifestation of the books, I simply want to say thank you.

I created a video several years ago highlighting some of the comments I received.

To everyone who has posted a comment, who has "liked" a post and who has shared the "Dear God" message;


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Dear God: