Childhood Down Syndrome

Extra special children with an extra chromsome!

Childhood Down Syndrome is something that affects many throughout the United States.

Down Syndrome is a chromosomal disease that affects many people throughout the world. The disease is caused by an extra chromosome.

Children with Down Syndrome are affected in various ways.

About 1 in every 700 children born will be diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Children with Down Syndrome are at a higher risk for medical problems and may have lower IQ's, but they can learn to live life just as any other person.

Many children with Down Syndrome grow to happy, able to learn adults!

Parents can help their children in many ways!

Some ideas to help your children!

Parents can help their children by learning more information on the disease! Another way parents can help is by getting involved! Talking with other parents is a great way to learn more about Down Syndrome. Filling your home with love and acceptance is key to helping your child with Down Syndrome grow up.

Get Involved!

There are many organizations to take part in! Call National Down Syndrome Society to learn more today!