The Gifted Child

Social & Emotional Needs

6 Types of Gifted


  • Successful
  • Challenging
  • Underground
  • Drop Out
  • Double Labeled
  • Autonomous


Many famous, gifted people have suffered emotional or social trauma. Musicians, inventors, writers, military heroes overcame this trauma and are well known for their great accomplishments.


Perfectionism can be both good and bad. Unhealthy perfectionism leads to underachievement. Students may set low-level goals or are unable to pursue a goal due to fear of failure.

How can we help our Gifted Students?

  • Avoid "Killer Statements" - it can kill enthusiasm for learning.
  • Provide safe opportunities for failure.
  • Provide opportunities for skip mastered learning & independent study.
  • Use humor in the classroom.
  • Be flexible & open to new ideas.
  • Be enthusiastic.
  • Be a learner yourself.
  • Be committed to excellence.

What do Gifted Students have to say?

Top 3 Gripes

  1. No one explains what being gifted is all about-it’s kept a big secret.

  2. School is too easy and too boring.

  3. Parents, teachers and friends expect us to be perfect all the time.

Top 3 Benefits

  1. Our schoolwork in GT classes is more challenging and we learn more.

  2. We get to do interesting things like special activities, experiments and projects.

  3. Our regular schoolwork is easy for us to understand.