Information Processing

what I learned


we learned chrome!!!!! we learn how to sign into chrome and use drive and email. we made a flyer about internet things. we learn how to use our settings and how chrome has lot more options then other search engines.

web page

we learned how to make a webpage!!!!! when we made webpages we had to make one all about us. we where doing the whole by our selves i got a 92%. we could put videos animations text and lots of other stuff such as games and links and downloads.

link below


we had to do power point. when we did power-point we had lots of stuff to do we made lots of presentations and learned lot of new things. we learned how to group images, add transitions, put in animations, and lots more. for our comp test we grouped with people and recreated an Aesop fables.

Microsoft word

we learned Microsoft word for a long time. we learned how to create letters and do all kind of things with them, on word you could find template and customize you document to the fullest.


we learned a tool. this tool allows you to take notes on almost any device.