by: Ti'Ara Nelson

Captital and Year of Independence

The capital of Libya is, Tripoli.
When Libya gained their independence, it was on December 24,1951.

Government and Population

They did have a leader, his name was Gaddafi . He was shot and killed though on October 20, 2011. When this happened they had no one taking care of the country except for the people of the country. In 2012 they elected a new president ( Mohamed Yousef El-Magariaf).
Libya does have a constitution. This Constitution holds all of their basic, average laws for the country. The Constitution is also called: The Declaration on the Establishment of the Authority of the People.
The population of Libya is: 6,422,772
The population is actually increasing from the time of 1960 to now.

Religion and Language

The dominate religion is mainly Sunni Muslim.

The Language mainly spoken in Libya is Arabic.

These are the main Religion and Language in Libya.

Some sports Libyans do !

Soccer !

Libyans mainly play soccer! The video below shows some of their talents in soccer.
Libyan soccer talents.mp4
Dramatic video shows Libya rebels fighting 'Gaddafi loyalists'