Tulsa Testing Updates: 3/23/15

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Parent, Student, Teacher Guides Have Arrived!

The Spring Parent, Student, Teacher guides are now available to pick up! Please come to the Enrollment Center between 8AM and 4PM for pick up. Plan to pick up multiple boxes as the number of large boxes ranges from 6 to 10+ per site. Any TPS employee may sign for the PSTGs, but we ask that they show their TPS badge when checking out the boxes.

All Elementary and JH/MS sites are provided with PSTGs for all testers based on the number of students enrolled at the end of January. HS sites are provided with PSTGs for all first time testers who were included in the pre-code for Spring. Additional EOI PSTGs for high school are on order for the district, as Measured Progress did not send any extras-- we should have these soon! Online versions of the PSTGs are available here if you have parents requesting access.

The boxes from Measured Progress also include a few Test Administration Manuals-- more are being ordered. In the meantime, you can access the manuals online.

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SAVE THE DATE!! Testing Meeting--> THURSDAY

Don't forget that someone from each site must attend the testing meeting on Thursday, March 26 at Wilson. BTCs are required to attend and site administration is optional.

9:00AM-- Elementary, JH/MS, and Special Facilities for OCCT and EOI

1:00PM-- HS EOI testing

Spring Testing Training- Elementary, MS/JH, and Special Facilities

Thursday, March 26th, 9am

Wilson Teaching and Learning Academy, 2710 E 11th St Tulsa, OK 74104

We will discuss OCCT for grades 3-8 and EOI testing at the end of the training for sites offering both test types.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Spring Testing Training- High School

Thursday, March 26th, 1pm

Wilson Teaching and Learning Academy, 2710 E 11th St Tulsa, OK 74104

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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Testing Binders

On Thursday, BTCs will check out a testing binder to keep track of all the site's spring testing documents. We are looking forward to implementing this new process to help organizing testing!

More details to come this week!

OAAP DLM Testing 3/16-5/1

The DLM Test Window is now open. SPED teachers who have completed the PD modules and First Contacts on their students can print off test tickets for the students on their roster. Depending upon the test subject and grade level, there are 7-8 testlets per subject. After a student completes one testlet, it will take approx. 30 minutes for the next testlet in that same subject to become available.

Remember, DLM testing REQUIRES a trained Test Monitor in the room with the Test Administrator.

EOI Scheduling Spring Retests

The EOI Spring Retests are available today (March 23rd) for scheduling in the Portal. For more information on scheduling tests and creating classes, please refer to page 34 in the OCCT Portal User Guide that can be found on the Help & Support Site at https://www.measuredprogress.org/web/occt1.

EOI Projects for Spring

Spring EOI Projects must be submitted by April 3, 2015.

Please turn in:

  • All the rubrics from each of the site committee members
  • Signed paperwork by the committee indicating whether or not the student passed the project
  • Project artifacts for storage at the Enrollment Center

All paperwork and project requirements must be submitted in order for the student to receive an EOI score posted on PowerSchool.

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